OSGeo UK Local Chapter

Minutes of OSGeo:UK 2023 AGM

20th Novenber 2023 at 12pm, online

Officers and Trustees Present

Nick Bearman (Chair), Ant Scott (Secretary), Matt Travis (Treasurer), Alastair Graham, Tom Chadwin, Tom Armitage, Joseph Seddon (Committee), James Milner, Paul Wittle, Jonny Huck, Steven Feldman, Robert Berry

Apologies for Absence

Dave Barter, Matt Walker, Mike Saunt


The minutes of the 2022 AGM were approved.

Accounts 2022-2023

The Treasurer presented a summary of the accounts to end March 2023, and these were accepted.

It was noted that the surplus for 2022-23 accounts (£2,496) had been generated by sponsorship and tickets sales for FOSS4G:UK Local 2022 as the financial year runs 1st April - 31st March. The increase from the balance at year end (£14,076) to 20/11/2023 (£17,912) is mostly the surplus from FOSS4G:UK Local 2023.

There was some discussion about a minimum balance to be held as a reserve - noted that GISRUK held enough to cover the costs of a failed event. Agreed that Matt Travis would look at the figures for a similar scenario, and make a proposal at the next committee meeting. It was not anticipated that there would be significant costs in the event of dissolution of OSGeo:UK.

Election of Officers

The current officers and committee are all willing to continue, and were elected unopposed. It was noted that there are no limits to terms for officers or committee members, but for the 2024 AGM, encouragement will be given for others to put their names forward.

QGIS Domains

Consideration was given to the need to retain the qgis.uk domain under OSGeo:UK control. The site is currently dormant, but could be revived, and it was agreed that it should be retained for the time being. Nick will check with the QGIS board if they are able/willing to manage the domain, and also contact trademark@qgis.org. Jonny is willing to manage if required. We should review at the next AGM.

Future Events

FOSS4G:UK Local 2023 had been a success, with good feedback and around 300 delegates.

Future events will be considered in the new year year, taking into account capacity and feedback from the 2023 event.

There was also some discussion about a possible bid for FOSS4G global - the earliest this could take place would be 2026. This will also be considered further next year.


Steven has proposed a rationalisation of our communications channels, and in particular a regular newsletter (e.g. every two months). Our comms are currently dispersed across multiple channels, with numbers of users/followers as follows:

This was agreed in principle, Al and Steven will put a proposal together.

Funding of Open Source Geo Projects (GoFundGeo)

It was noted that up to £6,000 was available for immediate funding, with further funds potentially available for ad hoc requests through the year.

The following decisions were taken on funding, based on proposals received.

A total of: £5,633.

The Treasurer will process these payments.

Potentially about £500-£1000 remaining for allocation at a later date.

It was noted that it would be useful for us, and for applicants, to agree guidelines for consideration of funding proposals in the future. Nick and Ant will consider.


A vote of thanks was proposed for Nick for his hard work and leadership though out the year.

Date of next AGM

Agreed that it would be at similar date next year, to be decided.