OSGeo UK Local Chapter

The programme is divided into eight themes, running in three parallel streams.

The themes are:

The detailed session listing is here - you will also find here links to recordings for all sessions, and slides where published.

All times are London, BST (UTC+1).

Time BST (UTC+1) 🐦 Nightingale 🛰️ Sentinel ⛵ Mercator  
09:00 09:25 BST Jo Cook and Angelos Tzotsos, Welcome and Introduction      
09:30 10:00 BST 🗺️ Ant Scott ArcGIS to QGIS in One Easy Lesson with SLYR 🌍 Emily Selwood, The bloody guts of Tiff files 🏛️ Pascal Coulon, Managing Open Data with an Open Architecture  
10:10 10:40 BST 🗺️ James Milner Solving Geospatial Problems with JavaScript 🌍 Iván Sánchez Ortega, Multispectral WebGL 🏛️ Jáchym Čepický, Gisquick demo  
10:50 11:20 BST 🗺️ Roman Karavia, Extracting OpenStreetMap data for region highlights compatible with OpenMapTiles 🌍 Till Adams, Big Earth Observation- and Geodata analysis with actinia and GRASS GIS 🏛️ Tomas Holderness, Serverless PostGIS  
11:30 12:00 BST 🗺️ Ian Turton, What every GIS user should know about projections 🛤️ Nick Bearman, Teaching QGIS: Certification and Running QGIS in the Cloud 🏛️ Joana Simoes and Christian Rouffaert, Processing Large Geospatial Datasets on the Cloud, using FOSS  
12:10 12:40 BST 🗺️ Saber Razmjooei, Native support for vector tiles in QGIS 🛤️ Gobe Hobona, OGC APIs and the evolution of OGC standards - an update 😷 Cristina Vrînceanu, Using FOSS4G to track COVID-19 in Romania  
12:50 13:20 BST ⚡ Lightning Talks - c. 5-10 mins
😷 Eddie Boyle, Using FOSS to develop a spatial and temporal visualisation of COVID-19 data
🌍 Ruuta Skujina, Stay home and innovate: redesigning an Earth Observation-fuelled accelerator supporting SMEs and start-ups
🌍 Andrew Cutts, awesome-earthobservation-code
🏛️ Sruti Modekurty OpenAQ: An open source platform to understand the world’s air quality
😷 Barry Rowlingson, My Thirty Years of Spatial Disease Modelling 🚜 Dan Ormsby, Jack Cornish, Matt Walker, Don’t Lose Your Way! Crowd sourcing the nation’s forgotten paths  
13:30 14:00 BST 🔑 María Arias de Reyna Domínguez, Working with big spatial data workflows (or, what would John Snow do?)      
14:10 14:40 BST 🌍 Alison Hopkin, Improving severe-weather resilience for Mongolian and Kyrgyz herding communities using earth observation imagery 🗃️ Jody Garnett, GeoNetwork Orientation 🚜 Peter Marlow and Kathryn Ratcliffe, Delivering a digital register of common land in Wales with the help of Open Source Geo  
14:50 15:20 BST 🌍 Sean Gorman, Mapping the World in 3D using Commodity Video and Photos 🗃️ Jo Cook, Labelling cans on a production line: automating metadata creation 🚜 Peter Wells, Collecting data using QGIS and Input app  
15:30 16:00 BST 🛤️ Will Cadell, Thinking Strategically about (open) geospatial 🗃️ Paul van Genuchten, Jo Cook, GeoNetwork & SEO 🖥️ Jody Garnett, GeoServer Orientation  
16:10 16:40 BST 🛤️ Cristina Vrînceanu, Julia Wagemann, Women in Geospatial+ - Changing the status-quo by creating a strong network of Women in Geospatial+ leaders and changemakers 😷 Denise McKenzie, Locus Charter - Helping to use location data ethically and responsibly 🖥️ Marc Jansen, Optimized publishing of map and dataservices with GeoServer, GeoStyler, GeoWebCache and MapProxy  
16:50 17:20 BST 🔑 Steven Feldman, OSGeo wrap-up Running an online FOSS4G - some reflections   🖥️ Andrea Aime, Jody Garnett, GeoServer 2.17 Updates!