OSGeo UK Local Chapter

Guidelines for OSGeo:UK funding

The UK chapter of OSGeo (OSGeo:UK) has some funds available for sponsoring open source GIS projects or individuals working with open source GIS software. Our funds are limited, and as such we have put some guidelines in place to determine how we will allocate those funds. These guidelines may evolve over time, and OSGeo:UK reserves the right to alter them as necessary.

Details of the projects or individuals that we fund, and the amounts, will be posted on the OSGeo:UK website.


Projects must be available under an open source license. See https://opensource.org/licenses for details. We would strongly suggest that projects seeking OSGeo:UK funding join OSGeo and work towards acceptance as a community project or a full OSGeo project. For information on this process, see https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Community_Projects. Our preference is to support discrete pieces of work, or to meet specific sponsorship levels. Discrete pieces of work may include code sprints, specific feature development, or specific bug fixes.

We are unlikely to sponsor a project where both of these criteria are not met.

How do I apply?

If you have a project that meets the above requirements then either contact us via the OSGeo:UK mailing list, or via our email account osgeouk ‘at’ gmail.com. Set out briefly why you think your project is eligible for funding, and if we have funds available we will discuss via the mailing list.

In addition to ad-hoc donations, OSGeo:UK runs GoFundGeo annually to funds a range of Open Source Geospatial software projects that will have an impact in the UK which you are welcome to apply for.

The final decision will be made by the OSGeo:UK committee.


OSGeo:UK may from time to time choose to provide travel bursaries to international conferences such as FOSS4G (Global).

Specific requirements will change from year to year, depending on the amount of funding available, but generally speaking, to be eligible for a bursary you will need to be self-employed and working as a contributor within the Open Source GIS community. Contribution may mean committing code, but equally bug fixes, documentation or some other provable input. We are unlikely to fund student bursaries or assist people working for companies, as there are funding options available elsewhere.

How do I apply?

If we have funds available we will advertise the bursary on our OSGeo:UK mailing list, and the application procedure will be explained at that point. If you have a specific conference that you would like to attend, that we have not already advertised a bursary for, then contact us via the list or via our email account and we will discuss, based on the funds available. Please bear in mind that our preference will be to send someone to FOSS4G (Global) who could not otherwise attend and so the availability of funds for other events will be limited.

The final decision will be made by the OSGeo:UK committee.

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