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FOSS4G UK 2016 : Presentations

Note that this information is subject to change without warning

Title Main Presenter
From 2.5D to 4D Exploring other dimensions Nicholas Duggan
Open-Source goodies for Local Government Simon Miles
Geo4All - Empowering Communities for a better world Suchith Anand
Making Pretty Web Maps Ian Turton
Improving Open Source GIS Workflow with a SLD Editor Robert Ward
Earning your support instead of buying it Ian Turton
What time is it? It’s Maptime! Charley Glynn
Managing National Load MasterMap and Maintaining History Aileen Heal
roadNet: a tale of QGIS, automatic feature updating and repositories in the cloud John Stevenson
Now you see it: open software for processing open satellite data Alastair Graham
Finding Road Gradients With Opensource Data and Tools Dave Barter
Using Blender for 3d and animated mapping Steven Kay
Local Government working towards Scotland-wide spatial data Ilona Kemeling
Processing marine DTM’s - like a boss! Sam Franklin
BRIN indexes on geospatial database Giuseppe Broccolo
The Hard Thing About Hard Geo Things James Milner
Species distribution modelling using open data Thomas Starnes
How to draw a polygon Charles Kennelly
Making the most of Leaflet with Plugins James Milner
Migrating to Open Source GIS - Case study Saber Razmjooei
qgis2web: the code behind webmaps without code Tom Chadwin
Bulk processing, data sharing and visualization of Sentinel-derived products Giulio Pagan
Delivering low cost spatial infrastructure in the cloud Meghana Garg
Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks for Geographical Data Munging Rob Blackwell
A machine learning approach to roof shape classification Isabel Sargent
Using OS network datasets with pgRouting Ross McDonald
Open Collaboration and the Price of Butter Andrea Ross
There is no such thing as a free lunch Steven Feldman
Mapping the of Heritage of Dartmoor National Park Matt Travis
How to teach QGIS Ant Scott
GOST - Go implementation of OGC SensorThings API Bert Temme
A GI Node for the Environment Matt Debont
What OpenLayers can do for you? Usages and ecosystem Thomas Gratier
Can Open and Closed Play Nicely Together? Gary Gale
Open Source Geo at Defra - a shopping list Steve Wilkinson