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FOSS4G UK 2018 : FOSS4G UK Code Sprint

09:00-17:00 10 March 2018 - registration required

Geolytix Phoenix Yard 65 Kings Cross Road London WC1X 9LW

The codesprint is not about learning how to use software. It is about developing software. This includes:

It is important to realize that you do not need any specific skills or knowledge to attend, and to make a valuable contribution. All open-source software is desperate for more help. Part of the purpose of the codesprint is for more experienced developers and documenters to teach beginners how to code and document themselves.

However, if you expect to spend the day being taught how to use software, you’ll be disappointed. Please bear this in mind, and if you think the codesprint is therefore not for you, please give up your ticket – we have very limited places (fewer than a sixth of the places available for the main conference), so many people who do want to contribute will be unable to attend.

We believe that we will work on the following software (dev attending in parentheses):

QGIS (Martin Dobias)

Issues TBC

Geoserver/Geotools (Ian Turton)

Issues TBC

Leaflet.VectorGrid (Ivan Sanchez Ortega via video)

qgis2web (Tom Chadwin)

Please install QGIS3, qgis2web master branch, and qgis plugin reloader

OpenLayers (Thomas Gratier)

These applications will therefore be our focus.

Please bring your own laptop - no hardware will be provided by Geolytix, and make sure you have a Github account