The FOSS4G Ribbon

OSGeo Ribbon

The ribbon device has been used for all FOSS4G events since the first meetings in the early 2000s. Each meeting is encouraged to take the design and integrate it into their design schemes in creative ways. For FOSS4G:UK Local 2023 we are representing the flags of the host nations - England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland - within the ribbon.

And yes, we know the Republic of Ireland (Poblacht na hÉireann) is very definitely not part of the United Kingdom, but we welcome them as guests to this event.

Readers may also be interested in the Northern Ireland flags issue regarding official vexillographic representation of Northern Ireland, but since we don’t have an event in that part of the UK, we can sidestep the issue! People from all parts of the UK, and the wider world, are welcome to attend any of our venues, of course!

OSGeo UK Local Chapter