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Geospatial Evangelism

Helen McKenzie, CARTO

Helen is a Geospatial Advocate at CARTO, a location intelligence platform provider since 2012. Her role is to excite people in the application of geospatial technologies. Slides YouTube

Updating an Open Source SDI for Mobile Working

Paul Shapley, Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority

When we originally set out to go with Open Source there was little interest in having any mobile working tools. The Warden Service were used to pen and paper solutions with a ‘GIS’ mapping system (QGIS) firmly fixed in the Office where it was considered ‘over complicated’. The first thing needed was to update an older infrastructure to enable mobile working but there still remained the issue of poor (or no) mobile networks to update maps and data.

How do we satisfy the needs of both Volunteers who new little about mobile data ‘collection’ apps and Wardens who were sceptical. Slides YouTube

You’re so spatial, let’s get engaged!

Josh Henley, Welsh Government

Why did we decide to build public engagement functionality into a Geospatial data platform? Find out how the FOSS4G stack behind DataMapWales has injected serious spatial intelligence into surveys and consultations, providing new insights and high-quality data for projects like the national forest for wales, active travel, digital inclusion and CADW’s historic monuments. Slides YouTube

Building The Welsh Data Cube

Daniel Clewley, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Living Wales is an innovation that is providing open capacity, in Wales and internationally, to routinely and consistently generate national land cover and change products from Earth observation data. A major component is the implementation of the OpenDataCube and an associated JupyterHub instance that provides easy access to satellite data (currently Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2) and derived products. This set up allows users within and outside of Welsh government to easily access the satellite archive and other spatial data and perform analysis through a web browser without having to download data or install software packages. Slides YouTube

Building and maintaining Paths to Wellbeing for Ramblers Cymru

Matt Walker, Astun Technology and Rhys Wynne-Jones, Ramblers Cymru

Case study of building a website to showcase community curated walking routes using open source geospatial software. Brief background to the project, live demo and a look at the technology used to build, maintain and deploy it. Slides YouTube

Building a career with open-source technologies

Ujaval Gandhi

Ujaval will take you through the evolution of the geospatial industry through the past two decades with his personal journey from working at Google to starting his own academy focused on open-source technologies. You will get to hear how open-source technologies - GDAL, QGIS, and Python - played a key role in his career and helped solve complex geospatial problems and build data pipelines for processing petabytes of data. The talk will conclude by looking at emerging trends and how to prepare oneself to thrive in the current environment. Slides

Ten Years After

A panel discussion to mark ten years since FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham, themed around “Where have we gone in the last ten years, and where will be in ten years time?”. More information here

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