FOSS4G:UK Local 2022

We had a great FOSS4G:UK Local 2022 conference on Thurs 17th Nov, PostGIS day. Many thanks to everyone who attended, presented and helped organise the conference. We had 246 attendees in person and ~50 online, meaning we reached a total of about 300 people on the day. This is many more than we’ve previously been able to reach at an in person event. We raised about £3500 for OSGeo:UK which will go towards our funding of Open Source Geospatial software. Videos for most of the sessions are now available on our YouTube channel with links on each venue page. The full agenda for all venues, with links to each session is here (in PDF).

You are also welcome to continue chatting with participants through the OSGeo:UK Matrix Room: Check out this page for details on how to sign up. All participants are expected to follow the Code of Conduct.

We have done a short write up, summarising some of the feedback and highlighting a few of the lessons learned for next time. We’re aiming to run a conference in 2023, and will be asking for volunteers early next year - so please sign up to the mailing list to find out when we’ll be meeting to discuss this.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and thank you for filling the feedback form. Thanks to sponsorship from Locate Press, we have given away 11 Locate Press books to those who completed the feedback form, including:


We had three thought provoking keynote presentations:

Shaping Open Spatical Data Science by Anita Graser

20 Years of QGIS: Successes and Failures of a Global Phenomenon by Tim Sutton

PostGIS Vision: Past, Present, and Future by Regina Obe


Location Chair(s)
Bovey Tracey (Dartmoor National Park) Dave Barter & Matt Travis
Bristol Ant Scott & Alastair Graham
Cardiff Kevin Williams
Glasgow Tom Armitage, Ana Basiri & Piet Gerrits
Keyworth (British Geological Survey) John Stevenson & Chris Williams
Leeds Mike West & Tomas Holderness
London Simon Miles
Manchester Jonny Huck
Southampton (Ordnance Survey) Paul Wittle & Paul Naylor
National Chair Nick Bearman


Many thanks if you have already donated to one of our causes. If you haven’t, we strongly encourage attendees (and/or their employers) to make a donation of £20 (more if you can afford or less if you can’t) to one of these causes:




Code of Conduct

Participants at FOSS4G:UK Local 2022 are expected to act respectfully toward others in accordance with the FOSS4G:UK Online Code of Conduct. Short version: everyone is welcome, make everyone welcome, be nice.


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