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QGIS 3.36 Maidenhead Released

We are happy to announce that version 3.36 of QGIS (released on 25/02/2024) has been named Maidenhead, after Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council. Windsor and Maidenhead borough council was one of the first UK local authorities to move to QGIS (at version 1.8!) back in 2010/11. It was at Windsor and Maidenhead that Simon Miles and Matt Travis started the UK QGIS user group. It even hosted the first ever UK user group meeting. Windsor and Maidenhead also contributed financial to many an QGIS plugin and was also a bronze sponsor.

Thanks to everyone on the OSGeo:UK mailing list who suggested ideas - we had some great discussions and learnt something new too!

QGIS UK User Group

We have a QGIS UK User Group and for a number of years ran successful QGIS User Group meetings in the UK (from 2014 in Stirling, Scotland and at Windsor and Maidenhead in England before that).

More recently there has been significant overlap with FOSS4G:UK meetings, and with the work of OSGeo:UK. With many of the same people being involved in both groups, and with the QGIS User Group not very active apart from FOSS4G:UK, it was decided in 2023 to host the QGIS UK User Group website here at OSGeo:UK.

Do check out our upcoming events and regular FOSS4G:UK conferences for your next QGIS conference fix!

For more information, please do contact .

For updates follow @osgeouk on Mastodon, @osgeouk on Twitter, our mailing list, or our Matrix Chat Room.

Group Aims

Our mission in starting the group was to create a community in the UK around QGIS and aim to grow that community through organised meetings, impromptu meet-ups and focused events like hack-days, workshops or code sprints. We want the group to be open, educational, fun and encourage transparency, inclusion and community in the spirit of FOSS. While the focus of the group is on QGIS we hope to build links with other groups including OSGeo, OpenStreetMap and the AGI and encourage users to get involved be it through interest in coding new features, integrating with other applications or producing a good looking map.



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Who will be looking after UK QGIS donations? The OSGeo:UK local chapter will be handling all the donations given by you to the UK QGIS chapter. This will negate the need for UK QGIS to form a committee with a treasurer. The OSGeo:UK local chapter already have this setup and have kindly lent their support in looking after funds.

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